Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP Tents

Secret Jardin Dark Propagator DP Tents

How many clones do you need?
The DP60 and DP90 can be used to create a complete propagation laboratory with a combination of cuttings, grow plants and mother plants. The DP120 is an intensive propagation system: with up to 5 levels of 3 propagation trays each.


DP Range is manufactured to the same high standard that Secret Jardin grow tents are renowned for. It also offers 95% reflection with the mylar interior and the advantage of using a dedicated propagation tent, it means you don’t have to wait till your current crop has been harvested until you can start again.
- Light and water proof
- Mylar lined with 95% reflection
- 2 x ventilation windows
- 1 x ventilation sock
- 1 x electric cable sock
- Ideal for germinating seeds, rooting clones and keeping mother plants


DP60 60cm longx 40cm wide x 60cm high

DP90 60cm longx 60cm wide x 90cm high

DP120 60cm longx 60cm wide x 120cm high

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