RVK Fans

RVK Fans

The Systemair RVK fan sets the standard to which all grow room fans are measured. Made in Germany, engineered to last.

There's a reason RVK fans have remained a firm favourite among experienced growers for decades - bulletproof reliability, durability and German engineering means the RVK is a hydroponic fan that will last you years. 

RVK fans are versatile - they can be used as an intake fan to your grow room or an extractor fan from your grow room. The RVK can be coupled to the DiffuseAir to offer a total ventilation system.

The RVK fan easily connects to carbon filters and silencers and runs quietly with low vibrations. RVK fans are speed controllable with Triac or Voltage and easy to install anywhere in your grow room set up with a mounting bracket included.


Rated air-flow: 184 m3/hour
Noise level: 34.5 dB
Power consumption: 29.1 Watts
Current draw: 0.171 Amps
Weight: 1.8 Kg

Rated air-flow: 220 m3/hour
Noise level: 37.5 dB
Power consumption: 29.2 Watts
Current draw: 0.172 Amps
Weight: 1.8Kg

5-Inch L
Rated air-flow: 323 m3/hour
Noise level: 43 dB
Power consumption: 58.8 Watts
Current draw: 0.257 Amps
Weight: 2.2 Kg

Rated air-flow: 428 m3/hour
Noise level: 40.6 dB
Power consumption: 59.6 Watts
Current draw: 0.262 Amps
Weight: 2.6 Kg

6-Inch L
Rated air-flow: 720 m3/hour
Noise level: 44.8 dB
Power consumption: 109 Watts
Current draw: 0.48 Amps
Weight: 3.1 Kg

Rated air-flow: 796 m3/hour
Noise level: 42 dB
Power consumption: 104 Watts
Current draw: 0.46 Amps
Weight: 3.2 Kg

8-Inch L
Rated air-flow: 1008 m3/hour
Noise level: 44.9 dB
Power consumption: 153 Watts
Current draw: 0.625 Amps
Weight: 3.8 Kg

Rated air-flow: 860 m3/hour
Noise level: 39.7 dB
Power consumption: 109 Watts
Current draw: 0.476 Amps
Weight: 3.7 Kg

10-Inch L
Rated air-flow: 1080 m3/hour
Noise level: 41.9 dB
Power consumption: 159 Watts
Current draw: 0.691 Amps
Weight: 3.8 Kg

Rated air-flow: 1360 m3/hour
Power consumption: 176 Watts
Current draw: 0.94 Amps
Weight: 5.8 Kg

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