Root Excelurator Gold For Soil, Coco and Peat

Root Excelurator Gold For Soil, Coco and Peat

House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold For Soil, Coco, and Peat

Contains a perfect blend of beneficial bacteria, vitamin B complex, cold pressed sea kelp, molasses and seed extracts to create a massive root network, whilst eradicating and protecting against root diseases like Pythium (otherwise known as root-rot). Simply put, there is nothing else quite like Roots Excelurator Gold currently on the market.

  • The flagship product of the House & Garden range
  • Excellent for use in soil or coco, containing more molasses than Roots Excelurator Silver
  • Known by many as "Roots Excelurator Gold" or "Roots Excel Gold"
  • Causes explosive root growth like nothing you've ever seen before
  • Creates a protective film around roots – preventing disease
  • Isolates germs and prevents them from reproducing
  • Protects against root diseases like Pythium and other pathogens
  • Highly concentrated making it excellent value-for-money and very highly recommended


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