Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator


Rock Resinator is uniquely formulated to actively stimulate oil production in any flowering plant. Reduced water content combined with increases in essential oils results in an end product with increased weight, quality, density, and aroma everything a grower craves in a stand-alone flowering supplement. Rock Resinator is blended to feed readily absorbable potassium, phosphorous, and organic amino acids directly to the flowering sites with the result being a discernible increase in the final weight of any yield.


Why Use Rock Resinator

  • Stimulates and increases oil production
  • Increased weight, quality and aroma
  • Organic amino-acids
  • Readily absorbable P & K
  • Suitable for almost all feeding regimes

How To Use Rock Resinator


Easy to use and concentrated: For most applications, add Resinator at the beginning of the second week of flower through to harvest at a rate of 1 to 1.5 ml per Ltr for a standard solution. For a stronger solution or with larger plants: use up to 2-3 ml per Ltr.

Rock Resinator works equally well in hydroponics, coco or soil and with virtually all feeding regimens, including DWC with exception of sterilizing products such as peroxides and chloride.

Always shake well before use!

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