Mammoth Drying Nets

Mammoth Drying Nets

Mammoth Drying Rack 80cm Diameter 5 tier -Suitable for drying all herbs for storage. It can allow you to dry your plants directly in your tent, without hassle and taking up less room.This rack made of a durable and breathable mesh allows quick drying and maximum ventilation for high-value plants, to prevent from moisture-caused molds and mildews.It has enough holding capacity allow you have plenty of space to dry your plants and air evenly.It was easily to folded and packed in a handy bag, simply undo the zippers on the bag and it is ready to use in seconds.You can hang it from pretty much anywhere you'd like.

Mammoth Drying Rack 45cm Diameter - 8cm Deep - Single Tier - Linkable

The Mammoth drying net may be smaller than most drying racks/nets on the market but is built to last.

Measuring only 45cm in diameter with an 8cm high side wall and a total height of 25cm. This drying rack can also be collapsed to fit in a 16cm x 3cm space.

This Mammoth drying net represents excellent value for money and is packed full of features:

• Well made from quality materials.

• Washable - Hand wash with warm water.

• Strong netting allows for superb air flow and quick drying.

• S-Hook for easy hanging - The bottom of the rack also has a hanging loop to enable the addition of more Mammoth drying nets.

If you are looking for a well made drying net that's smaller than the average, then look no further.

Simply cut and lay your chosen flowers, hops or chillies on the Mammoth drying net. Place in a well ventilated area with reasonable humidity (ideally lower than 55%) and leave to dry. Turning isn't required but can help the drying process.

Ensure the rack/net isn't placed in direct fan flow.

Mammoth Drying Net

Single Tier

5 Tier

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