IWS R-DWC Pro Undercurrent System - With 25mm Icetube Pipe

IWS R-DWC Pro Undercurrent System - With 25mm Icetube Pipe


IWS R-DWC Pro Undercurrent System - With 25mm Icetube Pipe

The IWS R-DWC system gives your plants a constant flow of perfectly mixed, high oxygen nutrient. The results have to be seen to be believed: you can expect an abundance of growth, faster nutrient uptake, and thick, healthy root masses. Nutrient is added to the main tank, making maintenance a doddle, and constant circulation means well mixed nutrient and a stable pH level. 

We're offering R-DWC kits in a range of sizes to suit your needs, click the drop down for more options.

  • IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) 
  • Delivers extremely rapid growth rates by super-oxygenating roots
  • Saves time – mix only one set of nutrient for multiple bubblers
  • Promotes rapid growth and development
  • Delivers enormous yields
  • Your choice of either 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24 or 36-pot systems
  • No mess - requires very little growing medium
  • Comes with a Flexi Tank - easy to transport and store
  • Intelligent 'Brain Pot' takes care of topping up each bubbler
  • Highly adaptable, thanks to its modular design



  • IWS Full Function R-DWC brain pot with integrated Grasslin timer
  • IWS 25mm Icetube Pipe
  • IWS Flexi Tank with full pipe assembly (225 litre with 4-pot, 6-pot and 8-pot, 400 litre with 12-pot, 16-pot and 18-pot, 750 litre with 24-pot and 36-pot) - Please Note - this system currently comes with AutoPot Flexi Tanks, performance and quality will not be affected
  • IWS Pro Elbow, Tee and Straight connectors with IWS Nuts and Washers
  • IWS R-DWC Oxypot 3.0 (Amount dependant on system size)
  • Heavy Duty Net pots

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