IWS Flood & Drain Grow System - Aqua (6.5 litre) Inner Pots

IWS Flood & Drain Grow System - Aqua (6.5 litre) Inner Pots


IWS Flood & Drain Grow System - Aqua (6.5 litre) Inner Pots

The IWS Flood & Drain is a fully automated feeding system that takes the strain out of tending to larger numbers of plants. This system has been a customer favourite for over a decade, and there are very good reasons for that: it's simple to set up and run, it makes tending to commercial scale gardens quick and easy, it allows you to control feed times with complete precision.

Aqua Inner Pot (holds 6.5 litres of medium). These inners feature drainage holes most of the way up - ideal for growing in clay pebbles.

  • Automatically feeds plants during user-set periods
  • Known for being one of the best yielding systems out there
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain!
  • Proven to deliver the goods
  • Comes with the premium IWS minute timer for precision feeding
  • Represents superb value for money
  • Manufactured from tough, crack-resistant plastic
  • Choose from multiple different system sizes - from 6-pot to 48-pot


  • Flexi Tank - dependant on your choice of system 
  • IWS Flood & Drain Brain Pot (otherwise known as the Controller Bucket)
  • Premium IWS Flood & Drain Minute Timer
  • Outer Pots
  • Aqua 6.5l Inner Pots
  • Copper Discs (to suit your choice of Inner Pot)
  • Pot Stands
  • Kit Bag (containing glands for outer pots, pipe-elbows, pipe-straights)
  • 13mm IWS flexi-pipe

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