Intense Nutrients OG Original Granules

Intense Nutrients OG Original Granules

OG Original Granules



  • Stimulation and promotion of root growth

  • Improved plant nutrition (especially in adverse conditions)

  • Nitrogen fixation

  • Improved disease resistance

  • Enhanced stress resistance (environmental and toxic stress).

  • An increase in microbes

  • Improved soil quality and structure


Guaranteed Analysis:

Mycorrhizal fungi: Beneficial fungi that live in partnership with plant roots, providing nutrition and protection. Free-living fungi: Naturally occurring fungi that help protect against pathogens and stress and degrade organic matter. Beneficial bacteria: Over 20 beneficial species and strains that help the plant collect mineral nutrients and build a healthy soil. Humates Extracts of organic matter that make nutrients biologically available. Humates are also powerful root growth stimulants. Saponins: Natural plant extract that promotes biological activity, particularly in soils low in organic content where they stimulate root development and boost the soil microbial population. Microbial feedstock: Balanced amino acids and complex carbohydrates which sustain the growth of the beneficial microbes during plant establishment.


OG Original Prices:

OG Original Granules 350g - £14.95

OG Original Granules 750g - £29.95


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