HR15 Digital Humidification Kit

HR15 Digital Humidification Kit


HR15 & HR50 Kits The HR humidification kit comes complete with a 100lt space saver tank, an inline 13mm to 6mm filter, a metre of 13mm and 6mm pipe and either an analogue or digital humidistat. The Centrifugal Humidification Systems are ideal for indoor growing. Not only will it help you to ensure an optimum level of relative humidity (50-75%) in your grow room. HR15 • 1500cc per hour • Coverage 15m² - 30m² • 4-6 lights • Size 31 x 31 x 47cm

HR50 • 2500cc - 4000cc per hour • Coverage 100m² - 150m² • 10 - 15 lights • Size 37 x 37 x 48cm Available with digital or analogue humidistat.


HR15 Digital Humidification Kit:-

HR15 Humidifier

100L Tank

HR15 Connection Kit

Digital Faran Controller

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