Growers Ark Xtra Traces

Growers Ark Xtra Traces

Trace elements are already present in your plant food, when you use food at full strength (5ml/ltr) your traces are present at maximum useful levels giving your plants the ability to take up any traces they need. Many people like to feed plants at a lower level than full strength, whilst in most cases this is absolutely fine it is possible that growth may be reduced due to the occasional shortage of a trace element. In order to avoid this risk we produce Extra Traces as a separate bottle, this allows those users who want to the ability to provide a reduced EC feed with traces at 100% the levels of as full strength food. When using ET add 1ml of ET for every ml of food missed out.

5ml of food…no extra traces.
4ml of food 1ml Txtra Traces.
3ml of food 2ml Extra Traces

You can also use Extra Traces alone at 5ml/ltr or with Root Tonic to give plants a break between feedings to prevent nutrient build up in soil/Coco. This will provide the plants with any traces they need to use, when using up any residual nutrients in the growing medium.




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