Gavita 600W HPS Lamp

Gavita 600W HPS Lamp


Make the most of your digital ballast and get a Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp! The Gavita 600W Enhanced HPS lamp has been designed specifically for use with digital ballasts. Digital ballasts run at a high frequency which can cause electrical resonance in the arc tube and cause the wire frame to distort. This lamp has an arc-tube designed for optimal output when fed from a digital ballast, and the wire frame has been re-inforced.

  • Enhanced spectrum output makes it superb for the flowering/fruiting stage
  • 90,000 lumens output
  • Specifically designed to make the most of your digital ballast
  • Strengthened wire frame will not distort due to hf output of digital ballasts
  • Can still be used with standard ballasts

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