Autopot 25L Kit (no tank)

Autopot 25L Kit (no tank)


The AutoPot XL is a fully automated, low maintenance, gravity driven watering system that's the same as a standard AutoPot. Just like the standard Autopot it uses an Smart valve, rather than pumps & timers to gravity feed your plants, the only difference is the Autopot XL uses a 25 litre pots instead of 15 litres to grow a much bigger plant with a much bigger yield.

  • Extra large 25 litre Autopot System to grow larger plants
  • Automated via the tried and trusted Smart Valve (Aqua Valve)
  • A great way to cultivate fast-growing, vigorous plants
  • Many Autopot XL Systems can be used together to cover a larger space
  • Simple, reliable and excellent value-for-money
  • Perfect for new growers and experienced growers alike
  • Different Header Tank options are available separately


1 x 25 litre Autpot XL pot
1 x Autopot XL tray
1 x Smart Valve

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