Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrition 1L

Atami B'Cuzz Hydro Nutrition 1L


B’Cuzz Hydro Nutrition is a bio-mineral based fertilizer, free from waste that’s been specifically developed to be used in all hydroponic systems and substrates, whether rockwool, pebbles or mixes, as it stabilises the biological balance within the grow medium.

Available as a 2 part A&B concentrate, which should always be used together, during the vegetative stage as well as throughout the flowering cycle. B’Cuzz Soil Nutrition gives your plants all the base food they require and can be used with not only the B’Cuzz/Atami range of supplements and boosters, but also others that are available on the market, to push your plants to produce healthier and bigger crops full of flavours and aromas.

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